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Whether you are purchasing a residence, commercial property, or farm and ranch acreage, we want your focus to land on the enjoyment and utilization of your property – leave the rest to us. You can trust we will secure your ownership rights and efficiently close your transaction.

Serving Comanche County Since 1872

Comanche County was established in 1856, and, as folks began settling in the area, it became evident that an abstractor was necessary in the county. The first known abstractor, T.R. Hill, came 16 years later, and, thus, Comanche County Abstract was born. Originally located in the old First National Bank building (now home to Star Beau’s), the first record of the abstract company actually going by the name Comanche County Abstract Company was not until 1909.

Soon after T.R. Hill began abstracting in the area, others followed in his footsteps. In the early 20thcentury, Comanche County Abstract Co. acquired all indices and abstract records from all of the abstractors in the area. From that point, CCAC operated as the one and only abstract company in the county until the early 1990’s.

In 1939, Dorothy Robertson became the abstractor and manager for the company. Five years later, in 1944, she and her husband bought the company. Previous owners included O.O. Brightman, J.R. Eanes, John D. Waring, Sr., C.A. Greene, and Benton Stailey. A short four years later, the Robertsons sold the business to Howell E. Cobb on November 1, 1948.

1965 was a landmark year for CCAC. 1965 saw the business move from the old bank building to its present location on the east side of the square. Additionally, Comanche County Abstract Co. issued it’s first title insurance policy on January 2, 1965 which would later become the norm and a requisite from lenders.

In 1972, John E. Gleaton graduated from law school and joined Comanche County Abstract Co. in 1974. Just two years later in January of 1976, John would buy the business from Cobb. There, he continued to bolster and grow the company.

Over the decades that followed, John made it a habit to hire a high school senior girl every year to work part time. One such student was Cassandra Hutchins (now Evatt). While she was not necessarily interested in title work at the time, she proved to be a diligent and intelligent young lady. After graduating, Cassandra went on to college and later law school. After graduating law school, Cassandra mentioned to John to keep her in mind should he ever want to sell the business.

A few years later, as John began to consider retirement, he remembered Cassandra’s words. On September 1, 2015, Cassandra and her husband Matt bought Comanche County Abstract Co. from John. As the company approaches its 150thyear, Cassandra and John work alongside one another in the deeply rooted, well established title company. While John balances a little bit of retirement with a little bit of work, Cassandra leads the company towards many more decades of success.

In 2019, the Evatt Title Company opened their doors in Brown County, Texas.


Our Services

When purchasing a new home or refinancing an existing mortgage, do you know what transpires from the time of application to the day of settlement? At Comanche County Abstract & Evatt Title Company, we realize your home is your most valuable asset. We understand the stress associated with purchasing or refinancing a home and are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your settlement. Our staff of dedicated professionals will guide you through the entire process and will assure that you are protected against adverse title claims or risks long after your settlement.


Prior to Closing

· Conduct title search & examination
· Prepare all necessary curative and closing documents
· Coordinate closing


During Closing

· Account for all funds
· Review closing documents
· Facilitate execution of closing documents
· Disburse funds


After Closing

· Satisfy all lender requirements
· Record transfer documents
· Issue title insurance policy

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